AI-based S&OP

Gain a competitive edge by responding quickly to changing market dynamics by harnessing the power of AI in S&OP to drive your business growth.

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20% improved forecast accuracy
28% reduced planning cost
19% increased network efficiency

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Optimize your S&OP process, enhance your decision-making and achieve optimal business outcomes. Leverage AI to unlock new levels of efficiency and competitiveness.

Dynamic Optimization
Automatically adjust your S&OP based on real-time data from your operations and emerging supply chain constraints.
Disruption Prediction
Identify potential risks in advance and implement proactive strategies to mitigate those risks such as alternative sourcing options and ensure business continuity.
Scenario Planning
Gain valuable insights into the potential impact of various scenarios on your supply chain.
Automated Decision Support
Provide your user with intelligent recommendations to optimize your production and resource allocation.
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Automatically adapt your sales
and operations plan

without even intervening.

More than mere planning

Streamline Operations for Success

Enjoy automated production and inventory plans to meet customer demand while optimizing resources, minimizing costs and imporving overall operational efficiency.

Enhanced Efficiency
Improve planning efficiency by utilizing historical and real-time data as well as external factors.
Improved Forecasting Accuracy
Optimized your operations and reduce costs by leveraging Digital Twin Models in combination with innovative AI algorithms to increase planning accuracy.
Optimal Resource Allocation
Allocate your resources in the most efficient way - accross your entire supply chain.
Enhance SC Resilience
Predict potential disruptions within your supply chain to develop proactive strategies and enhance your supply chain resilience.
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Academic expertise combined with practical knowledge.

Data Lighthouse and HITeC are collaborating on shaping the future of optimization technologies for supply chains.

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